A kick in the face...a lesson in life!

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So in case you don't know, I am currently training in karate. And here's a story to share with you from one of my expiriences...

I was training last week at the dojo (the training facility) and it was a night that we spar (fight) so after putting on my gear, I chose my partner. Now since I am a white belt, I try to stay away from sparring others who are much larger and higher ranking than me, so I chose a newbie in the class. It was his second class and so I figured that he wouldn't know too many moves. So we started and out of no where, the guy jumps up and kicks me in the face. Of course, I fell to the ground and was in pain but I was wearing a mouth guard so I was pretty safe. After a few minutes, I was back out on the mat sparring again. I didn't know it at the time, but I more than likely have a small hairline fracture in my jaw because of this.

Despite the pain and frustration of being kicked in the face, I feel like I learned something. I have learned that it is more important to have control and be patient than to come out kicking and punching. My Sensei ephasized gambatte (never give up) and kinaginymastu (wait patiently) in this situation. The only thing that it will get you is a stern lecture from your Sensei and a partner in pain.

So...that's my story of how getting kicked in the face taught me a lesson.