>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recently a close friend died and while his wife was away buring him, she asked me to housesit and puppy sit for her. I, of course, said yes. While I have been housesitting, I have realized why it takes people who once lived with a person who died, take so much longer to heal from the pain of their loss. So I posted that as a status update on Facebook. Well the daughter of the person who died texted me and asked me to remove the status update. For me, it was almost like she was saying that it was not right for me to understand that. It is like she assumes that the death of her father only affects her and her family but I think that to believe that is to assume that he never touched another person in the whole world. But that would be wrong. Her father touched so many people with his sense of humor and love for life. Am I wrong for understanding why people feel this way?