The Ultimate Birth Control

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I have never really agreed with the whole idea of giving a young person the task of taking care of a child(ren) for a given period of time in an effort to keep them from having unprotected sex and therefore producing offspring, but after today, I would venture to say that that is a rather effective way of putting a decline to teenage pregnancies. Here's my ultimate birth control story...

I have a friend who has 3 kids, the youngest is in kindergarten and the oldest is in 4th grade. Well in an effort to help my friend out since she has been having a lot of back issues lately, I offered to take care of the kids and dinner for the day. My day started at about 9:30 am (at this point, I had only had about 6 hours of sleep since I worked the night before and didn't get to sleep until about 3:30ish). I got out of bed, got ready for the day and headed to the office. Since today was the 16th, I had to turn in my time card so that I can actually get paid for the work I do (novel concept...I know). I also needed to make copies of my paperwork since I am not up at the office on a regular basis. I finally escaped the office at about 11 am...45 minutes until I had to be at the school to pick up the youngest and still one more errand to run. I quickly dashed through Costco to pick up some groceries for my friend (shopping isn't quite pleasurable when in pain) and off to the school. I made it with just a few minutes to spare before they were dismissed. After escaping the mess of the school parking lot, we went back to the house, packed a lunch for her and headed to go grab lunch for me since in my brilliance in the morning, I forgot to pack a intelligent, I know. We had a nice lunch in the park and played for about 45 minutes then headed to a local water fountain so that she could play in the water. The wind was blowing so playing in the water didn't last long which gave me a bit of extra time to get to the store and grab stuff for dinner. We made it out of the store with only one fit being thrown...yay! We then headed back to the house and enjoyed a movie and a game of Uno before I had to go and pick up the two oldest at school at 3:30. After picking those two up, I prompted all 3 of them every step of the way to put away their school items, to find their karate gis and eat a snack. I gave one last call for anything that they may want to take with them to the dojo to play with/eat while they waited for their siblings to be done training. While the youngest was training, I headed to the store next door to ship off a package. I came back just as she was about to start sparring...and only then did I realize that I forgot the sparring bag at home. So needless to say, all three of the kids had no mouthguards while training. Thank goodness that the dojo at least has headgear and gloves that they could use. While the two older ones trained, I took the little one with me and headed to my house so that I could grab what I needed for work tonight...scrubs, shoes, socks, laptop, snack. After karate, we headed back to their house. They started chores while I made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. After dinner, they continued with chores as did I. By the time I had finished my list of things to do, it was about 15 minutes before I had to leave for work so I soaked up a few minutes of just relaxing and snuggling with the youngest one.

My day playing 'mom' wrapped up at about 8:30 and I was exhausted. It gave me a refreshed apprieciation for moms and what they do in a day. It also made me realize that I am not cut out to be a mom. There is no way that I could be a stay at home mom but I feel like I would have to to be able to keep up with everything that having children entails. Several people have told me that it is so much different when the kids are my own and I am sure that is the truth but at this point, I really cannot justify having kids.

Now I can't say that I won't repeat my ultimate birth control expirence because next Wednesday, I am going to do it all over again. But I think with time, I will get used to it. And I know I will come to enjoy it more and more. I feel so blessed that my friend has given me the blessing of being able to be a part of her children's lives. It is amazing.

Well that's it for is 1 am and I still have a while longer before I am off work but there are still more things to get done before I can call it quits for the day. I hope that y'all are doing well! God bless!


Tiffany September 17, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

I know what you mean! After a weekend with my friend Kirsten's kids (even with her around doing most of the work), I'm exhausted. And, don't worry, not all kids have the same "spark" that Kelly's do! :)