And empty coffee cup and an unused box of kleenex...

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

The atmosphere was absolutely perfect. I couldn't have designed a better evening - no breeze (for a bit at least), the warm evening sun casting its rays over the roofs of the businesses around and the submissive spirit in which I found myself in. A guitarist strummed the resonating chords of a worship song and I was lost - my mind found itself in a simpler day and time when the mud squished between my toes and my hair was rarely graced by any brush or comb. The expirence was short lived but well worth the patience.

I was brought back to the present day and time, welcomed by a friendly smile and I couldn't help but to reciprocate the smile. Our girls night of heart to heart moments had just begun but I could already sense the warming sensation of God's presence heavy in our midst. I loved it. If I could press the pause button on life for that moment of time, I would. I would press rewind and relive the secure feeling of His love wrapping its arms around us. Our heart to heart moment extended for nearly three hours with little to no notice from either of us. We came face to face with heart wrenching problems and troubles whose chains bind us in our self doubt and frustration. Our transparency was met with a love and compassion that can only come from a faith in Christ.

Nearly three hours were well spent. We found ourselves in a place of understanding for each other and a respect that cannot be found anywhere else but over an empty coffee cup and an unused box of kleenex. I love evenings like this - no amount of money in the world could make me want to give up times like this. There is something about times where you lose track of time and hugs find their place in mid conversation that make us feel like the world does have it tender parts.