Britt and Dana

>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

So I am sure that I have the most amazing friends on the entire face of the Earth...yep...that's right...they rock my socks off...including the lint at the toes that never goes away.

I sat beside one of them in our history class...I just needed somewhere close to sit so that I could understand the professor. Nothing more. But that chair in the third row and three seats in from the left has given me a reason to smile. And we have every other class together (didn't realize that right away). Her name is Brittney...affectionately called Britt. :)

Other other one...well we have a couple classes together. I think it was our cornerstone class that we connected in. And she proudly tells the story of my most embarrassing moment but it is okay...I love her anyways. I love this girl, Dana, she adds a different spin on the world...o to be a fresh high school graduate.

So why are my friends so freakin' A-Mazing?! Well, find a comfortable blanket, the one that gives you warm cuddly feelings when you are wrapped up in it and maybe sip a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, whatever you perfer...okay...well you don't have to do it but just a nice thought when it is getting colder outside. Here's my story...well...our story. :)

So we have this chapel requirement (the joys of going to a Christian university) and unfortunally we have to meet a certain criteria in order to get our degree in 4 years...gag me. Well on Wednesday, I DEFINITELY did not want to attend chapel, but in an effort to save my chapel skips for finals week, I went. I made it obvious that my attendance there was merely physical...or at least that is what I thought. God had something quite different up His sleeve (blast me for underestimating the His creativeness). The speaker was the pastor from another Nazarene church that is about 2 hours away but at one point he was the youth pastor at the church that I currently attend. He started off his sermon with something about a bridge jumper dying because he wasn't ready for the harsh winter climate that Idaho can dish you can tell, I wasn't really paying attention. What drew me in was the phrase 'rescue line'. As a rock climber and avid extreme sports enthusist, this perked my interest but something inside of me also was tuned into what this pastor was saying. To make his sermon short, he emphasized God's rescue line to us all. During prayer I admit, I lost it. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore...after all I didn't want my head to explode (for those NNUers out there, I hope you caught that...hehe). I couldn't deny that in my complete heartbreak in the past week and frustration that seemed to be consuming me, I needed God's rescue line at that moment more than ever. As I cried like the baby that I am in my faith, Brittney took me into her arms, reassuring me that God is there for me. The pastor urged us to find a place where we could sumbit to God (or something along those lines...I was a goner by this point) so to my knees I fell...well kinda. It is hard to fall when you have approximately 22 inches between your seat and the seat back in front of you and a backpack that you have to share that space with. But anyways...I was on my knees, crying out to God with all that I had left (which wasn't much) and Dana and Britt were on thier knees with me. I don't know what they were praying about but honestly, it didn't matter to me. What mattered was the fact that they cared enough about me and my situation to get down on the uncomfortable floor with me. After my cry-fest, we all embraced each other and I honestly think that it was at that moment that something inside of us each bonded on an all new level. God put these amazing young women of Christ in my life to help guide me along the way. He knew that I would find myself in this situation and He knew exactly what I need and provided just that. He is faithful!

So yeah...Britt and Dana are pretty much the most amazing girls ever and I feel so blessed to have them as a part of my life. I can only hope that as we continue forth that I will be able to be here for these girls like they have been there for me. I love them! We are only in our freshman year - we still have another 3.5 years to foster this friendship into something so much more amazing. I won't be surprised if in 3.5 years, we are all still friends and can enjoy the simplicities of life together.