>> Friday, October 10, 2008

I would love to say that it is the middle of December and the snow is falling gracefully to the ground but I would be lying to you...we are still within the first two weeks of October and we have already had our first snowfall. It wasn't enough to excite the dormant snowboarder in me...in fact, it didn't excite me at all. If anything, it frustrated me. It isn't near close enough to December to have the snow gracing the face of this dear Earth. I want to enjoy this fall season without the threat of frozen water falling from the sky...o sweet Lord please save us all!

So what is it about the male race that there is a lack of intelligence sometimes? Does it come naturally or they actually try to be so stupid sometimes? This is an honest question. I have finally found someone in this world that I like but he has yet to return my phone calls and text messages since Sunday and it hurts so bad. It is like a cold wind blowing through the warm fleece around my heart. Without effort, he has found the one way to cut through me. I don't want to cry but somehow that seems like the only capable response. I guess that I shall just wait patiently for his call and prayerfull he will find the urge to contact me.